Back To Blogging


I took a break from blogging, sort of. The truth? I kind of felt burned out, overwhelmed and pulled in many directions. I also wanted to focus more on my career as a makeup artist. During this self awareness period, I also had to remind myself, you are a mother of two, a wife and a human, it’s OK to take breaks. I am also back to exercising more, doing yoga and being a Gen X in a world that wants millennials who are Instagram-perfect with 50K followers wearing the latest trends.

This is an introduction, a new beginning as well as a hello friends who used to read Norah Loves Makeup. In this new space, I am going to share things that interest me in the realm of lifestyle. I still love makeup. To this point, I also love food, CBD, fitness, skincare and fashion. I will try my best to mix it all up.

I am using very recent photos of an event I attended at Caravan Studios in New York. It was an awesome afternoon treat. I had a complimentary hair treatment thanks to Martino Cartier, Intact Hair and Janine Just. My hair has been going through it with the shedding and thinning, thanks in part to all the heat and styling I do. I went to Caravan’s beauty lounge just expecting a blowout and walked away with an amazing treatment for my hair. It was a 30 minute application of Intact Hair Scalp Primer, regular shampoo and conditioner plus a blowout. I posted the before and after on my Instagram feed. I felt amazing.


Photo credits to Thomas Concordia